OpenDNS Not Working Again - Help!



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    "Typical! free products never seem to work correctly."

    Yes, and as you're a free product (as user), it doesn't work: user errors, even two.  Quite typical.  Now do it right:

    Elimination of first user error:

    Ensure that you have checked "Enable dynamic IP update" under Advanced Settings at your dashboard network's settings.
    Now ensure that you did not check "Send Dns-O-Matic updates" in the Updater's settings.

    And see now, it works!  User error eliminated.

    Elimination of second user error:

    "the only way to do this is to log on to the OPENDNS website delete the existing network and then add a new one"

    No, this is wrong.  If you have Dynamic IP updates enabled,  you'll see a green arrows icon between the currently registered and the currently used IP address at - this is what you need to click if you want to update manually, not deleting and re-adding the network as a whole.


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    Alexander Harrison

    I can confirm that your network is set to dynamic so you should see the refresh icon to manually update from the Dashboard at When using the updater client, ensure that the check box for "Send updates to DNS-O-Matic" is not checked and that you're logged into your account and updates should flow if there is one to send. We have a getting started guide which should help to read at

    Note that if you have a question, it's best to create a new question than to respond to a year old case with an unrelated issue to the original case. 

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