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    It is not fine that you see DNS lookups like *.local and henk.Broekhuizen in your OpenDNS stats. You must have something badly configured. These are all internal requests which should not go outside, because they definitely cannot be resolved by an external service anyway.

    You must configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses on the WAN side of the router, not on the LAN side (DHCP) and not on the individual end user devices, to prevent your internal name resolutions from going out.

    If you can't solve this with reconfiguration, you can at least add your internal names to the VPN exceptions list under Advanced Settings at your dashboard, so that these requests are responded to with NXDOMAIN.

    ""henk.Broekhuizen" witch is the name of my father who is a complete computer illiterate. i have no idea where these requests are coming from."

    Is the computer name of your father's computer henk.Broekhuizen? This would explain the lookups. Another device or your father's computer itself raises these lookups to somehow connect to it. But it can't because it is not orderly responded to and retries again and again therefore.

    "how do i trace the request?"

    While using a packet sniffer like Wireshark. Or a DNS sniffer like

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