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    My IP address is registered in my network. The only DNS resolvers in my network is Open DNS. I am not using any proxy configured. It doesn't work with Chrome or Internet explorer. About not copying it is because I didn't highlighted it. I am adamant to configure OpenDNS because I am planning to buy the service for my business, but wanted to test it at home first. And I understand when you say it should work, I think the same...LOL. It work as desired in my office and not at home, which means it has something to do with my IP address. So far I registered the IP with OpenDNS. I ran out of ideas. Thanks for the help Rotblitz,

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    Your last and best chance is to open a support ticket:

    You may enrich it with a link to this thread and a link to your diagnostics results from at least one of these diagnostics:
    Mac OSX:

    I bet they find out what your problem is and possibly can "repair" it.

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    I have same problem in my computer even I follow the instruction but openDNS seems not working. On the other hand, thanks in providing diagnostic link.

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    Brian Hartvigsen

    I'm closing this thread at this time.  If you have an issue with OpenDNS not working, please start your own thread so we can keep everyone's issues separate and easy to follow.

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