not found on dns server at Seattle, WA location



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    Did you try with a cache refresh at CacheCheck? If yes, and still problems, open a support ticket.

    Btw you did not check, but

    As a temporary workaround, you'll want to add these entries (and maybe more) to your hosts file:

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    I have opened a ticket on this - I also have the issue listed above. Works fine if I use other DNS servers (such as my ISP). Sad thing is I am only 8 miles from the campus. This seems to be a problem for any sites in the domain.

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    Yes, i did try CacheCheck and it didn't help. Yes, the screenshot is for, but problem is with all sites. Thanks for the temporary workaround, i'll open a support ticket with OpenDNS.

    Thanks for you help,


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    Mark Dunkley

    Hello Samir,

    This is resolving at our Seattle locations currently to the same IP that Google is reporting.

    In situations like this, it's good to check to see if there are issues with the authoritative host for the record.  This will give you an idea if it's more an OpenDNS issue vs. a configuration issue.


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