Why does OPENDNS block everything, except...



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    VIP or Commercial account? If VIP, did you set up a filtering profile (High, Moderate, Low, Custom) under Settings? Which? If Commercial did you submit a support request?

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    i'm a home user with a premium account.

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    specifically, my account reads:  OpenDNS Deluxe (Family). 

    initially the config was:  *nothing blocked    and about   20 blacklisted items   and 10 whitelist items. 

    Also had the updater installed and working + the IP4 protocols set to the DNS server IP's

    the result:  everything was blocked.

    Strange tho:   had the same exact config yesterday and NOTHING was wrong. Everything was A OK =)


    The NEW config, sadly, is that NOTHING is blocked. NO white list. NO black list. removed the updater.

    Set the IP4 protocols to "auto" so my ISP gives me a DNS.

    result:::  everything now works just fine. can get on every website in the 'verse.

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    Most likely your IP address information was not updated at OpenDNS, so you inherited one from another user and used their settings, not yours.


    "Ill give them 48 hours"

    It's your 48 hours to correct it, not theirs. They don't do it wrong.

    "So i completely removed the Updater and the DNS Server IP's, from my system and network."

    Changing the DNS resolver addresses is sufficient already. And, of course, you must flush both, your local resolver cache and your browser cache, for any settings changes to take effect immediately. Else you will continue to be served out of your local caches.

    Removing the Updater has no effect if you don't use OpenDNS at all (by changing the resolver addresses), but will make things worse when you use OpenDNS again...

    "Even removed everything from m y Whitelist and blacklist."

    This was even more useless, with absolutely no effect, as you don't use OpenDNS any longer. Same you could have cleaned my whitelist and blacklist.

    What to do to make it work again?

    Configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses, and install the Updater again. Check the Updater log that IP address updates are with no errors. If errors occur, check the knowledge base.

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