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    "1. Can/should my setup work over other networks?
    2. What would happen if 2 of our laptops with My_Network selected in "OpenDNS Updater" connect at the same time from 2 different networks?

    The "normal" OpenDNS is for your networks, not for your devices in other networks. That said, do not install the OpenDNS Updater on roaming devices, else you will be registering others' IP addresses with your network(s) and therefore will break the functionality of your own network(s) and may impact other users in those networks.

    If you want to protect roaming devices, no matter what networks they connect to, you'll have to go for OpenDNS Umbrella Mobility.

    If the pre-defined content filtering of OpenDNS FamilyShield is enough for your purpose, then you may try to use this, but it is not guaranteed that it works in other networks if the network admins prevent from using 3rd party DNS services.

    "3. What is the easiest way to see/confirm on a device if it uses our My_Network selections?"

    Visit and execute the following command:
    nslookup -type=txt
    to see if your IP address is registered with your network ("id your network ID").

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    @ferdilouw... Just to clarify, you said "All of those networks may have dynamic IP addresses, so I have installed "OpenDNS Updater" on all the laptops in our family."

    Are you saying that each internet device has a unique external IP address (3 users, 3 unique external IPs). If so, then each device can have a unique OpenDNS account with unique filtering rules BUT, if you all share a common external IP (dynamic or fixed), say through a router, then you are limited to one set of filtering rules for a free account. In that case if you have a nearly "always on" device (a desktop for example), you only need to install the updater on one of your network devices.

    I mention that because you should not be using the updater when you are visiting other networks (school, work, hotspots...) 

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    @rotblitz  Thanks for the the answer - things are now a lot more clear to me.  I should consider umbrella...

     On question 3, both your methods tell me I am using OpenDNS, but it doesn't tell me if the current (router external public) IP address is linked to my personal "My_Network".  I'm still getting the impression some times that my personal preferences are not active in some situations.


    @crevafria... Sorry, I was not 100% clear there: I meant the routers of the different networks have dynamic external addresses.  Thanks for your answer.

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    "it doesn't tell me if the current (router external public) IP address is linked to my personal "My_Network"."

    It does: nslookup -type=txt

    There you see "source" where is the IP address OpenDNS sees from you.

    And there is "id 1234567", where 1234567 is your network ID number you'll see in the URL if you click your IP address at

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    Thanks, rotblitz.  I didn't know where to get the id.  It works now :-)


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    An easier way to confirm that your personal settings/network is active:

    1. Customize YourLogo from your dashboard with a unique personal picture.

    2. Go to and see if YourLogo appears on the blocked message.


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