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    Start with opening a support ticket here. OpenDNS may work with their peering network carriers to possibly get it optimized.
    Don't forget to include the output of "tracert".

    You can, of course, also contact your ISP if you're confident that their front-line support will even understand what you're taking about at all. ;-)
    You may gain funny experiences...

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    Opendns say it's not under their control it's the ISP's problem.
    The ISP --- well they don't say anything sensible. ;)

    At least it's getting closer, now routing to the Amsterdam resolver.

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    What a waste of time that was.
    Opendns support say it's the ISP's problem.
    The ISP say it's Opendns's problem.

    Quote OpenDns:
     Why are we fast?

    Anycast routing, a sophisticated routing technology used by OpenDNS, makes sure you always talk to our nearest datacenter. And in effect, makes Web pages load faster, and your overall Internet experience faster.

    I despair :b

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    Then, post the output of the following command here:

    I can probably show you then who/what is the culprit.

    Btw, I had the same problem nearly for a year. Although I'm located near Frankfurt, I have been routed to London and Amsterdam, sometimes even to New Yortk..My ISP, three network carriers and OpenDNS were involved in this routing. So pretty clear that there wasn't a quick and easy solution, with five players involved...

    I believe it corrected it by itself, because network carriers were changed, I don't recall if it was my ISP or OpenDNS or what. Since then I'm indeed routed to Frankfurt, constantly. Some things heal themselves over time...

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    I suspect level3 need to be contacted to investigate this, but that's not something I can do. Opendns and the ISP show little interest in pursuing the problem, just passing the blame to the other.
    To be blunt, I don't think either of the supports understood the problem -- rather disappointing :(

      1     5 ms     1 ms    <1 ms
      2    23 ms    29 ms    26 ms []
      3    98 ms    15 ms    18 ms []
      4   145 ms    15 ms    14 ms []
      5    15 ms    18 ms    15 ms []
      6    20 ms    15 ms    15 ms []
      7   153 ms    22 ms    24 ms []
      8    44 ms    23 ms    23 ms []
      9    23 ms    22 ms    25 ms []
     10    23 ms    23 ms    22 ms []
     11    23 ms    22 ms    23 ms
     12    24 ms    46 ms    23 ms []
     13    23 ms    22 ms    24 ms []

    Now routing to Amsterdam, I'll be very interested to hear your opinion on this.

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    Yep, you got it! Level-3 is the culprit, they have suboptimal routing configured for those OpenDNS Anycast addresses. It seems OpenDNS is peering in London with network carrier Level-3 seems to attempt to keep the traffic in their own network instead of hand-over to Tinet, therefore routing on to the continent.

    Same as with me more than a year ago. And they refused to deal directly with me. They said I must go via my ISP. My ISP raised a ticket with Level-3, but this got lost in the clouds...

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    Thanks rotblitz, don't think I'll bother pursuing this any further.

    Talking to support is too frustrating :(

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