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    I'm just a user, but...

    What would be so interesting in DNS traffic that a secret service would take care about? It seems you have no idea what you're talking about...

    Same you could ask your coiffeur what his relationship is with secret services. He definitely has much more information to offer than OpenDNS...

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    @christarzan... I doubt that OpenDNS could offer any better information to NSA than your local ISP provides. So yes, assume that the U.S. govt has logs of everything you see on your OpenDNS dashboard.

    Now what? Proxy? Tor? VPN? ... with OpenDNS filtering specific to your needs?

    Our lives are postcards. There is nothing hidden that isn't already exposed somewhere. In ten years the govt will know you in real time, and have predictors of your next actions. The days of online anonymity are fast closing.

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    It is more than some sarcastic statements.

    NSA can aggregate my dns queries and profile me. If OpenDNS is working with NSA, I want to move to another DNS provider to make a statement and the government disregard for my 4th Amendment and tech companies included. 

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    I am more worried about the UMBRELLA divison

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    Brian Hartvigsen

    I recently received a similar query directed to my support group. Here's the question and direct response from David Ulevitch, our CEO:

    Does [OpenDNS] regularly submit our data to any branch of the US government in a personally identifiable manner without a specific (pertaining to an individual) court order, subpoena, or warrant?


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    Brian, you answered your own question. But that is not the right question, just as the answer is the same answer all company listed in the report have given. A better question is "Has openDNS ever handed customer data to the goverment *outside* of the standard court order/subpoena/warrant of the govt standard judicial system (which excludes the FISA court) ?".

    THAT is the real question being asked here.

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    Well, why should opendns NOT work together with the NSA? They're an american company so they have to do whatever the government wants. Maybe they even want them to lie to us.

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    Actually you hit the nail on the head.  In today's internet environment trust no one.  If a company has what is called a National Security Letter (NSL), it is required to lie to you by the FISA court.  In addition many larger companies who voluntarily got in bed with the government have requested NSL's in order to save face with the public should the truth of their complicity with the government ever come out.  In other words trust no company and research everything.  If you find out ANY company is complicit with the government go viral.

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