Fun Networking Project I'd Like Some Help With



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    Could you provide me with an idea in what way this is related to OpenDNS? Or is it just spam? It is, most likely.

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    Some basic info about my own network, although if you read through forums, you'll find hundreds of other angry customers without their own configurations.  I connect to the Internet with Clear Wimax.  I have disabled the Clear modem's firewall & enabled port forwarding to my router. 

    My router is configured with the OpenDNS DNS servers [which unfortunately my router's implementation of DHCP won't allow configuration of the DNS servers to push down to clients. I am not using my router's firewall or any port monitoring / blocking.

    I've removed every device except for my laptop and Smart TV from my network [including disabling my phone's wireless & my wireless print server which for some reason constantly utilizes about 100K of LAN traffic even when not printing anything]  

    I unplugged my home network storage drive.

    The TV and my laptop are wired to the router w/ static IP addresses [and Open DNS configured].  and for test purposes also disabled the WIndows firewall on my laptop.  No other firewall software or network filtering [should] be there.  I disabled every unnecessary service / process that runs on my machine which creates network chatter ['updaters' for my software -- except I think my computer will explode if I disable windows updater, stupid cloud connections every new piece of software insists on installing] When the TV is off, nothing should be using any bandwidth except a few processes required on my laptop..

    Speedtest reports my bandwidth around 6-8MB [I ran it a few times] when [wired] connected through my network and the same when I plug the laptop directly into the WiMax modem. 

    This configuration allows full HD quality streaming movies to my laptop and TV [often at the same time] without a hiccup / blurp / skip etc. 

    With the TV off I am unable to watch archived NHL GameCenter Live games in the maximum quality [3000K] without such significant lag/jitter/interruption, I have to lower the quality, sometimes by 2 levels at which point the sound quality is impacted. 

    With the laptop off, the TV does not have the ability to select the quality [it's based on what it believes the bandwidth / connection to be] I have never had full HD quality and never been able to watch a game without constant pause, skips & delays. 

    Will post data / traceroute info shortly....

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    Well, it's pretty simple from a DNS perspective, where network lag may be introduced by bad routing.

    1) Are you routed to a near DNS server, or something far enough away to affect where the CDN thinks you are? OpenDNS users can test this:

    nslookup -type=txt

    2) Is there yet a routing issue not including which DNS server location is used, where the ISP, network peers, or CDN chooses bad routing? Traceroute to the CDN streaming address.

    Otherwise, nothing related to DNS (or OpenDNS, or this forum).


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