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    With a DNS service like OpenDNS you cannot block URLs, just domain names.

    Can you provide us with examples of sites you expect to be blocked but aren't?

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    Actually it's blogspot and tumblr ... here are 2 examples **NSFW : explicit links**

    I presumed by blocking blogspot and tumblr, DNS would also block anything with those terms/words in the URL.

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    No, if you add to your "always block list, this and all subdomains like will be blocked. The same with which blocks this and all subdomains like URLs, terms and keywords are irrelevant, because you don't send this information to a DNS service. You query just domain names to get their IP addresses.

    That said...
    "Is there a way to block any and all blogspot sites?"

    Yes, you simply add to your "always block" list, flush both, your local resolver cache and your browser cache, and all of Blogspot is gone for you.

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