Trying to use OpenDNS with second router, but bad sites still getting through.


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    It is complex to mix Netgear with OpenDNS' LPC and OpenDNS Home Basic, as can be seen from earlier threads, also in the old forum. Home Basic is associated with your IP address, whereas LPC is associated with a network ID, a property of your Netgear router. Home Basic dashboard is at whereas LPC dashboard is at And it could be possible that you can't use LPC at all if the Netgear router is behind another router. The concept for LPC is that you can have Windows and OSX specific user profiles, and/or a default profile for the rest (Linux, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, ...). The concept for Home Basic is that it is network wide if configured on the router and on the end device only if configured on the end device.

    Currently your Home Basic settings ("none") take effect, as your command outputs clearly show, exactly as configured, with Playboy accessible. This IP address, is this the Netgear or the SurfBoard? Whatever, your DNS lookups are raised against And it's pretty clear that you want to test also from a Netgear connection, not only from a SurfBoard connection where you will see your Home Basic only..

    "The computer that I am currently using to set up the routers is running Ubuntu 10.04 (if that matters)."

    Yes, it matters for the Netgear router, because the Management Utility (and also the User Utility for Bypass Accounts) is available for Windows and OSX only.

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