Does OpenDNS unblock ALL subpages on a site if it's whitelisted?



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    Check your dashboard log for BLOCKED DOMAINS.  It's probably an additional site (or subdomain) that needs to be whitelisted in order for the functions to operate.

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    If you can't find the domains in question this way, you may install this program which shows all your DNS lookups in real-time:

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    Ashley Williams

    @dougdickey: If you whitelist one domain on your network, you may run into websites that reference other blocked/non-whitelisted domains for certain website resources, like images and stylesheets.

    There are three methods you can use to figure out which non-whitelisted domains are being referenced when loading a website on your network's whitelist:

    1) Use the Web Developers Console option in Firefox (Tools -> Web Developer -> Web Console) and load the site on a computer that is not using OpenDNS, as it will list all of the domains required in the html to load a web page.

    2) Another method of figuring out which domains may be blocked on your network is by using Chrome Developer Tools.

    Select the Wrench menu at the top-right of your browser window, then select Tools -> Developer tools.

    Right-click on any page element and select Inspect element.

    On Windows and Linux, press Control - Shift - I keys to open Developer Tools

    Control - Shift - J to open Developer Tools and bring focus to the Console.

    Control - Shift - C to toggle Inspect Element mode.

    On Mac, press ⌥⌘I (Command - Option - I) keys to open Developer Tools

    ⌥⌘J (Command - Option - J) to open Developer Tools and bring focus to the Console.

    ^⌘C (Control - Option - C) to toggle Inspect Element mode.

    Once inside of the console, we switch to network view and load the page. Typically you will see a red entry that has a corresponding column showing which URL was called and failed. You can then add that domain to your "never block" list, and that should correct the issue.

    3) The third option would be to examine your stats to see which domains are being blocked and whitelist any required accordingly.

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    Ashley, what a brilliant description!

    However, I'm afraid this is far over the head of the average OpenDNS user, but it certainly helps the geeks under us.

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    Thanks everyone for your comments.  I'll try these suggestions.

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