Open DNS Servers replaced by Time Warner DNS Servers



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    "How could Time Warner install its DNS Servers in my computer without my permission?"

    First of all, DNS servers are never installed. This is a configuration, not a software.

    That said, do you have a software installed, provided by your ISP, which would be able to change your DNS server settings?

    Or did you originally configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses on the router, not on the computer?

    "I didn't do this."  -  Sure, most things on computers happen because of other reasons nowadays, not because of human intervention. Therefore this "I didn't do this." is a very weak argument and doesn't count. If you had it done, you would not come to here to raise this, right?

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    I originally configured the OpenDNS resolver addresses on my computer, not in the router. Recently, a botched firmware update left my Linksys router useless. Linksys tech support helped me complete the firmware update over the phone. I'm wondering if something they did could have changed my computer's DNS settings? This is the only possibility I see. In addition, I can't access the router's web configuration page, because the password seems to have changed. At least it works.

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    So, if you don't know how the DNS server settings could have changed, how could anybody else know? It's your network and computer. Whatever, it looks like as if your settings were changed to obtain DNS servers automatically via DHCP from the router at some stage. This is the most likely case how ISP DNS server entries would come into the computer.

    Now, simply change the DNS server entries back to OpenDNS resolver addresses, and you should be good to go.

    "I can't access the router's web configuration page, because the password seems to have changed."

    I would reset the router to its factory defaults. Then you can login again with the default credentials and can do what needs to be done. Your best bet is to flash it with an alternative firmware like Tomato, OpenWRT or DD-WRT. This is the best thing a Linksys router can happen to. ;-)

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