Does OpenDNS maintain my true source IP?


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    "After changing my DNS servers from my ISP's to OpenDNS, it appears every A record is resolved to"

    No, this is only for domains which do not have an A record, or where the DNS result would be NXDOMAIN or SERVFAIL.
    This mechanism is used to redirect you to the OpenDNS Guide. You can disable this behaviour while unchecking Typo Correction (and NXDOMAIN redirection) under Advanced Settings at your dashboard.

    "So it appears this is a proxy solution, that "pulls" all of my outbound traffic to OpenDNS."

    No, only under the above circumstances you are directed to the OpenDNS Guide. This has nothing to do with a proxy.

    "My question is does OpenDNS simply forward my web request to the final destination (if not blocked), w/ my true source IP (assigned by ISP) intact, or do they change the source IP to OpenDNS', like a true proxy would do?"

    No, DNS is the phone book of the internet, not the phone lines. OpenDNS is involved in your traffic in no way. And therefore there is no occurrence of a source IP address change for any remote ends.

    "I'd provide my source IP to the content provider, and I'm allowed to access their sites, as long as I'm coming from the source IP that I provided."

    This will change in no way.

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