permanently block play store in andoid devices?



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    Still not solved as of March 2014. 

    Android phones can suck our network bandwith even after we block         We know the site is blocked because we can't use a browser to visit      The phones seem to be using another system to phone home to the play mothership.    

    We can block BOTH Apple and Micrsoft easily.   We can't block Android.   I've called google support, with little results.   I've had to email friends at google in hopes they can internally hunt someone down.   

    It would be nice if staff at open DNS used their android phones to come up with a quick solution.   The OPENdns engineers have the tools to sniff a test network as their phones update apps.  

    the end.  J

    ps: Block apple with   and

    block Windows updates with

    we get closer to the Matrix every day..  We can't control our devices from sucking our school network when we need it most. Next thing we know our phones will be self replicating.  har har. 

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    "The OPENdns engineers have the tools to sniff a test network as their phones update apps."

    You have them too:

    "block Windows updates with"

    Oops, dangerous.  You'll miss all the important security updates...

    "We can't control our devices from sucking our school network"

    Ah, so you're an Enterprise user.  Use the dedicated support channels to get your problem solved.

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    The Google Play Store can be blocked by blocking the following domains:

    Well it works for me at least.

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    Not! You can't block Google Play Store on US by blocking on OpenDNS:

    Not working
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    Well, is relevant only for Australia, so no need to block it in the USA.

    And if you can block the Play Store depends on the app being used.  If it doesn't use domain names, but IP addressing, then DNS is not involved, and nothing goes through OpenDNS enabling them to block anything.  Or it may use different domain names than you think, so your OpenDNS settings will not catch it.  Also, if the device uses the mobile connection or another network, not your (W)LAN, then OpenDNS is not involved either, so cannot block anything.

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    If it is your goal to "permanently block play store in andoid device", well, this has nothing to do with OpenDNS, because the device may not be connected to your network all the time where OpenDNS works.  You had to "root" the device to add related entries into its local hosts file (if DNS is being used by the app) or to take other measures to prevent the device from accessing the Play Store.

    Whatever you want to do, this is not a topic for the OpenDNS forums, but solely for Android related forums.  Move on to there!

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