Who is administering my current network block?



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    First, I suggest opening support ticket from the Dashboard you now have since registering here


    and let OpenDNS know who your ISP is, and include the IP address shown at the extreme top of the support page.  I don't know that any ISP should be auto-assigning OpenDNS addresses. They can find out who has your IP registered and is causing the filtering.

    Then, you can manually assign some other DNS servers on your router or devices (e.g., Google DNS), then flush your browser and local resolver caches.

    https://store.opendns.com/setup/  Use the instructions here, only configuring different DNS. 


    If you like the idea of using OpenDNS, you may be able to register your own network at your Dashboard once the engineers free up your IP from whomever had registered it previously.

    Best wishes.


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    Anthony Honciano


    We see that a support ticket was submitted to us on November 17th. 

    ]It seems you are trying to register an IP address block for your network. To help register your home network with OpenDNS, please do the following steps:

    1. Go to http://whatismyip.com and http://myip.dnsomatic.com and note your IP address.
    2. Log into your dashboard at https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings and delete the pending network.
    3. Using the IP address from step 1, enter your IP address into the field and create your new network.
    4. To ensure that OpenDNS is working properly for you, please flush your browser and DNS cache by following the instructions below:


    Let us know how this works for you.

    Best regards,

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