Gmail gets block despite Webmail category is NOT BLOCKED



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    "This site was categorized in: Webmail"

    This is an informational message only.  It is not meant as the reason why something is blocked for you.

    "Furthermore, I have added and to the white list."

    This makes sense only if these domains are actually being blocked by your settings. Especially shouldn't need to be whitelisted in your scenario.

    Therefore, you'll want to visit your domain stats to see which related domains are still blocked by your settings and need whitelisting.  I suspect that your blocking of the "Search Engines", "Visual Search Engines" and/or "Chat" categories is the culprit, because most Google domains are tagged as the first, or the tag is inherited from the higher level or alias name.

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    Chris Frost


    Sorry to hear you're experiencing an issue. I noticed the IP address from your debug does not match the registered IP address in your OpenDNS account. If you registered a dynamic IP address, it's possible that your IP address recently updated and you inherited another users filtering preferences. 

    Are you using the Updater Client?

    As a friendly fyi, we also responded to the support ticket you submitted, feel free to communicate through the open ticket.


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