OpenDNS and Internet french Box (freebox v6)



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    Your Netgear router: Did you have OpenDNS Home, or were you using the Netgear OpenDNS LPC?

    In case of the former, yes, simply configure the OpenDNS addresses, but you may want to fill four fields. Use also and  If your IP is not fixed, you must ensure also that your Updater is running. Yes, your public IP is how your network is identified. Flush your browser and local resolver caches since internet may have been used while there was no filtering.

    In the latter case of LPC, you must switch to a regular OpenDNS Home account as above.

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    I'm not sure.
    I used this feature on my Netgear WNDR 4000.

    In OpenDNS website -not from router) my IP is correctly detected.

    What is the fifference between my current account and OpenDNS Home account ? 

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    These are the main differences between LPC and Home Basic:

    • The LPC dashboard is at whereas the "normal" dashboard is at
    • LPC doesn't come with stats and logs, but OpenDNS Home Basic does.
    • LPC settings are associated with your Netgear router device ID, whereas OpenDNS Home Basic settings are associated with your public IP address.
    • With LPC you can configure separate settings by Windows and Mac user ID (bypass accounts), whereas Home Basic has only one configuration set.
    • LPC supports scheduled content filtering.  This is not supported by Home Basic.

    To see if everything's fine, you may post the complete plain text output of the following command (trailing dot is part of it!):

    nslookup  -type=txt

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    My current dashboard is:

    I've set both openDNS server in my box, then nslookup output give:

    MacBook-Pro-de-Florian:~ lefbe$ nslookup -type=txt



    Non-authoritative answer: text = "server 5.ams" text = "flags 20 0 2f6 d00ff00400014c7" text = "id 14916258" text = "source"


    Authoritative answers can be found from:

    MacBook-Pro-de-Florian:~ lefbe$ 

    I perform some test and Porn or nudity sites are correctly blocked.

    Addionall question: It is possible to bypass web filtering for one computer ?

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    Yes, this looks fine.

    To bypass filtering on one device, set some different DNS server addresses in that device's network settings. (Your ISP's DNS, Google's, etc.)

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    Thanks for your time and the quality of your answers :) 

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