Google SSL CNAME record for schools - different angle



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    Why would you block Google's SSL site if not blocking Google as a whole?  I don't see any sense with this.  But I'm sure you will enlighten me.

    "can OpenDNS have an option where if we select it, they'll have the CNAME point to for us?"

    This can be answered only by OpenDNS.

    "It'd also be something that would work for the home users, too."

    Most easy.  Add the following entry into your hosts files:
    (The IP address may be different, but should be the one for

    Other options include an own DNS server or proxy server.

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    I added the CNAME in my DNS serves and my firewall is enforcing safesearch on OK but unfortunately if I point my users to the virtual dns for opendns, that cname doesn't work. If I point to my dns, safesearch setting in the browser is enforced on. Has any body ever got it to work through the openDNS virtual machines ?



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    "openDNS virtual machines"

    I'm afraid this does not exist.

    Well, you need to make your DNS server authoritative (only) for the "zone", i.e. you must not forward queries for this to your external service, e.g. OpenDNS (or any other).  All the rest you can forward to the external DNS service.

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    Not sure why it changed to, but I meant, of course...

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