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    Not knowing what you do already have blocked, such that you would need to allow the domain, you may need to allow others which are potentially blocked by your filtering settings.  You may not see a block page if these are blocked. Note also that if it is necessary for the domain to be Allowed, use  to allow the broadest level (minus the www subdomain).   (for  (for  (for

    You may add these, flush caches, and try again.  You may check to see if any are necessary or not by using the Site checker to see if they fall under any of your Categories, or see your Stats to note if any of these are blocked in the first place.

    You may also test, and post the output here if you like for further help if necessary:

    nslookup -type=txt


    -- or if using a different DNS currently, do:    nslookup


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    Thanks, I removed all filtering and it works.  I added "low" filtering back and it works.  

    We had the following categories checked under custom: adware, proxy anonymizer,tasteless, sexuality, nudity and Pornography.  Assuming maybe adware did it.  Will be adding back one at a time to see where it breaks.  Usually, we get an OpenDNS block message; however, the web page load would just time out.


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