OpenDNS interfering with script?



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    See your domain stats if domains are blocked which may be related to this site:

    Then unblock them as needed.

    If it is a HTML, CSS or JavaScript issue, or also a browser issue (plug-ins, add-ons, etc), then it is related to DNS and therefore to OpenDNS in no way.  DNS has nothing to do with anything else beside name resolution.

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    Dominic Bannister



    Yes, checking the stats would help determine if any of the domains that the CSS or site reference are being blocked. 


    It looks like you have already opened a support ticket about this issue and we should continue to correspond through the ticket. I looked through your stats and did not notice any of the domains referenced by being blocked. 




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    I am having a similar issue, but not with the Ancestry website, just in the app on my iPad. The search results never load. If I connect the iPad to my mobile hotspot connected directly to a network (not through OpenDNS), the results load up fine. I can use Ancestry in Chrome on my Mac (filtering through OpenDNS) and it works fine. Also the safari browser on the iPad will work fine. So strange. Since there are workarounds, I don’t explore the resolution, but every so often I get reminded it doesn’t work. And I’m not sure it’s an OpenDNS issue, but since I checked and found this thread, thought I’d add my two bits. 

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