Port 53 and SKY OnDemand blocking



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    Isn't this Sky On Demand a special box in your network? It seems it has different DNS resolver addresses configured which you block by your router. I can see two options here:

    1. Configure the network settings of the Sky box to use the router's IP address as the only DNS resolver address.
    2. Configure an exception rule for the Sky box DNS queries on the router, i.e. allow port 53 passthrough for the Sky box only.

    So, nothing to configure in OpenDNS at this point, but in your Sky box or your router.  However, if you find that you have domains blocked by your OpenDNS settings which are needed for Sky to operate, you'll want to unblock those, of course.

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    1: to configure teh netowrk settings of teh sky box,

    routers ip address,

    where is the exception rule on the sky boxe  allow port 53.


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    This should be documented in the manufacturer's manual.  I don't have such a router.

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