Could OpenDNS Cause Problems With the Plex Media Server?



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    Generally media servers set port-forwards so that you can access media remotely. I don't see why OpenDNS would have any effect, unless you have blocked access to the Plex website through your OpenDNS account settings. If you've done that, it should appear in your "blocked" stats within 24 hours.

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    Thank you for your reply.

    With a little more research, I did find reference at the Plex forum that there have been Plex/OpenDNS issues, so I will pursue it futher there.

    Just a side note:  I picked up a little Spanish many years ago when I lived in Idaho.  Am I right that your username means "cold beer"?

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    Its been a few years but is there a solution to this issue as i am experiencing it now.

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    What issue?  There was no OpenDNS related issue.

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