Internet Stops Working when I use OpenDNS DNS



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    Chris Frost


    I opened a support ticket (64671) for you so we can troubleshoot the issue. 

    Best regards,


    Customer Support Representative 

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    Oh, my goodness, please post whatever the solution is! In the time it took me to query the forums for connectivity issues, read this post, and try to respond to it, I've been bumped off the internet four times. This is on the laptop from which I set up OpenDNS; I don't think other devices in the house are having the same troubles. There, it just went out again while I was typing this. Thank you!!!

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    Daniel Cheung

    Hi mdmtnwmn, 

    I've opened a support ticket to help troubleshoot the issue with you further.

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    Folks, I just spotted this post. I posted similar problem here Any help would be appreciated. My issue is very similar and the only way I have managed to stay connected is by changing to my ISP primary and secondary DNS record which means we are no longer protected by OpenDNS.

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    Considering the "solution" to both of these posters seems to be opening a support ticket, and there is no further information provided, that would be your solution as well.

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