How do I configure a Cradlepoint MBR1400?



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    If you seem to lose internet connection when configuring the OpenDNS resolver addresses, I can see two possible reasons:

    Your ISP may prevent you from using a 3rd party DNS service like OpenDNS.  You can check this with executing:
    nslookup -type=txt

    Or something is wrong with your router.  You had to refer to your router's support then.

    "I have it logged into my OpenDNS account and the DNS servers in it's internet settings are and"

    This sounds wrong.  These addresses should be configured on your router, not in your OpenDNS account.  You may want to post a screen shot of this.

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    I am sorry if I wasn't clear, I get in too big a hurry.


    The internet connection is good.

    The Dashboard never gets any updated information from my router.  I currently have the CLOUD BASED FILTERING and SECURITY set to use Umbrella/OpenDNS.

    For the DNS settings I have and on the ROUTER.

    In the connection Manager on the ROUTER I have and set for the DNS entry on the IP Overrides for the WAN and LAN.

    If I type in

    nslookup -type=txt

    I get this;



    Non-authoritative answer:       text =





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    Fine, you could be using OpenDNS, the OpenDNS Washington DC location.

    "set for the DNS entry on the IP Overrides for the WAN and LAN."

    If you have the option, just do it on the WAN side.  Configuring on the LAN (DHCP) side may break or impact local name resolution.

    So, what's actually your problem?  What message does show up with?

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