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    I'm still studying the behavior OpenDNS but I'm finding that subdomains are blocks.  For example, I find that I am able to use most of but I can see that I am blocked from subdomains and confirm in my blocked domain logs the following sites are blocked.

    I'm going to test wildcards like * and *



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    lands4 (Edited )

    Okay, it would not accept wildcards (*).

    @mattwilson9090, you were right I don't need subdomains if you have the root of the domain entered.  That seems logical but I realized my problem was that I hadn't put in because it worked for searching.  

    So the result is that if you want to open every * just enter the root  For people that may want to be more selective, you could just add each subdomain i.e., and so forth but keep in mind that some of these use multiple subdomains.  Examples I saw,,, and several more.

    If you are like me and choose High Filter and then add a bunch more filters with the customize option then you will most likely need to selectively allow.  Below is my setting.  We use many google services.  I post because it may help others.


      Academic Fraud
      Adult Themes
      Business Services
      Educational Institutions
      File Storage
      Financial Institutions
      Forums/Message boards
      German Youth Protection
      Health and Fitness
      Instant Messaging
      P2P/File sharing
      Parked Domains
      Photo Sharing
      Search Engines
      Social Networking
      Video Sharing
      Visual Search Engines
      Web Spam
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    "I'm still studying the behavior OpenDNS but I'm finding that subdomains are blocks."

    Yes, subdomains may be categorized differently in the domain tagging system.   All normal.

    "I'm going to test wildcards like * and *"

    You cannot, because already means and *  And means already and *  This is very well documented in the knowledge base.  Nothing to be surprised about.

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    I had tried everything on this forum to get my gmail to work (with all the domain white-listing) and eventually discovered that I just had to uncheck "Webmail" as a blocked category. I had misunderstood what that category was for. As soon as I unchecked it, my Gmail was completely back to normal (with and white-listed)

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    I came here because gmail was being blocked. I eventually discovered that there was truth to the response that rotblitz gives however there is truth to what others say regarding certificates. the responses that are given regarding that aspect of the discussion are less than helpful and leave me feeling that openDNS must be a sloppy organization. from a purely diagnostic view point it is necessary to receive clear feedback as to what is happening. to blame a web browser for doing it's job as an explanation for bad feedback seems sloppy. perhaps a differant flag would be tripped past the first one but the the first error message is in fact due to an unrecognized  encryption certificate issuer. on firefox at least, this is the error message.

        Someone could be trying to impersonate the site and you should not continue.

        Websites prove their identity via certificates. Firefox does not trust because its certificate issuer is              unknown, the certificate is self-signed, or the server is not sending the correct intermediate certificates.

        Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER

    my point is that diagnostic would easier if openDNS could find a way for an actual page to be reached to tell the user it was indeed blocked by openDNS. to not only not do this but also completely disregard any mention of what could be done to do it is what feels sloppy. I had to read completely through everything to feel confident that the problem was in fact that it was blocked and that there wasn't a different problem somewhere. this is after I had to do significant research to determine that openDNS might be the reason for the problem. please try to find a way to get a message to a user telling them that you blocked the site so it doesn't feel like something is broken somewhere when it isn't. thank you.

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    I recommend reading this.
    You cannot expect that a seven year old thread is current.

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    and now the thread is up to date :)

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    Not really. This thread is about Gmail being blocked. We became a little bit off-topic. ;-)

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