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    It sounds you configured the OpenDNS resolver addresses on your computer only.  You had to configure them on your router for your settings to take effect on all devices.  The other devices can't know what you did on your computer only.

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    I paid the $19.95. I had 2 choices. I listed my home or personal.  I was set up a user name Accountant7 but I did not receive any instructions on setting up rounter.  I have a Motorola surfboard 6141 modem and a Apple Time Capsule Router.  I did not see any instructions.  I think I listed this a home and I should have listed it under the business. I tried to re-enter ip address under business but it says ip address it already used. I have no idea how to set the OpenDNS up.  I tried looking at instructions but I am lost.

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    Since it sounds like you have an entirely different issue from the initial poster you should have created your own thread rather than hijacking someone else's that was more than 2 years old.

    That said, you don't even say what OpenDNS version you paid for, so it's difficult to tell you how to set this service up. I'd suggest either searching this forum for the service you paid for, or starting over at the OpenDNS home page and following the startup questions/directions that start there. It's possible that you'll need to open a support ticket. This is a user discussion forum, and as such the other users here have no access to your account information.

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    "I paid the $19.95."   -   This sounds like OpenDNS Home VIP.  Congratulations!

    "I had 2 choices. I listed my home or personal."  -  Hardly!  Such choice does not exist.

    "I did not receive any instructions on setting up rounter."  -  You simply should have followed the further online advices when you purchased.
    But no worries, here you go:  -  do you see the instructions now?

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