Problem with No-IP Domains



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    You are more or less in the wrong forum.  This forum is for OpenDNS and DNS-O-Matic support, not for No-IP or router support.

    If you have to update more than one domain name, you can use the DNS-O-Matic service at to update multiple hostnames.

    However, you do not need different hostnames if your services are behind the same public IP address.  You have to differentiate the services ("my IP camera and my linux server") by port number then, not by hostnames.

    E.g.  and

    For more support with No-IP see

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    I have tried this option as well. I have used only one domain with different ports to access both camera and server, but the IP of the domain stopped updating after a while. Why does it happens? Is it because of DDNS service and / or No-IP and / or my router? Did you have similar experiences? and what is your suggestion?

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    As I said, your problem is off-topic in this forum, no matter if one has similar experiences.  You'll want to refer to No-IP support or to your router supplier's support, propably the latter.  Because your problem seems to be related to the DDNS update client being used, your router.

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