I want to block the internet in 2 different-2 way. how I can do this ?


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    "it work without using Dynamic Ip changer provided by opendns."

    For the sake of clarity:
    There is not "Dynamic ip changer".  A program cannot change an IP address, because it is assigned by your ISP.  This is not a Changer, but an Updater to keep your settings with your IP address information updated.  You do not need this Updater if you use a Netgear router with LPC enabled.

    "Sometime I go out from the Home (for days) and that time I want to block the internet permanently except 2-3 site that people use. How I can do this from my account."

    You do this before you leave or from remotely at your dashboard https://netgear.opendns.com/

    "After enable parental control i didn't see anything that help me to have 2 kind of blocking. Is this means I need to make another opendns account which have diffrent settings and login from that account when I go out from home."

    With LPC you have default settings, and you have bypass accounts which require the User Utility to be installed on the devices where to use the bypass accounts.  These are the two levels of content filtering you're looking for.  Do not make another OpenDNS account trying to associate with your home network.  It will break most things.  You cannot mix or combine Netgear LPC with another OpenDNS service and vice versa.

    "How I can do this through parental control. I see parental control didn't bypass by simply dns changing. I want to do that through parental control so people's mobile will be use opendns"

    As I said, you do this with creating bypass accounts, maintaining your settings at https://netgear.opendns.com/ and applying scheduled (time based) filtering which all come with Netgear LPC.

    "even nobody update the ip of mine to opendns."

    What?  This is irrelevant.  Netgear LPC doesn't work based on IP addresses, but based on device IDs.

    "Any idea to block internet differently (full except 2-3 site) when I was out."

    This would be whitelist-only mode which does not come with Netgear LPC.  So you can't hardly do this.  But you can apply different content filtering settings by user ID and/or by time.

    Alternatively, instate a certain hosts file with the 2-3 sites referenced at certain times and invalidate the DNS settings using e.g. the task scheduler, so that only these few sites can be reached.  But this has nothing to do with OpenDNS and LPC.  It is a different solution.

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