Is "" being blocked by OpenDns?


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    "For some reason it was being blocked by OpenDNS"

    Never!  OpenDNS doesn't block anything except phishing and botnet sites unless you have it configured to do so.  So, it's your settings blocking things.  Right? 
    Did the normal OpenDNS block page come up when you tried to visit the site?  Else it may have not been your OpenDNS settings at all, but something different, outside OpenDNS.

    "Did I miss something in my config, or is/was this part of something larger than my personal settings that I need to be aware of?"

    This site is not yet approved in any category:
    o it shouldn't have been blocked by any category settings in your account.

    But is an alias of the real name  Could it be that you have blocked Amazon AWS ( or subdomains of this) with your settings?  This would be a bad idea!

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