OpenDns not working with mac airport base station and century link



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    It may be that your new ISP redirects your DNS queries to their own DNS servers.  Prove it:

    nslookup -type=txt

    - or -

    dig txt @

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    this is what I get when i type it into the command prompt:

    nslookup -type=txt -type=txt  20

    Non-authoritative answer:    text = "13.lax"

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    Your ISP does not redirect your DNS queries.  So it is something else like not all DNS fields filled with OpenDNS resolver addresses, or the resolver addresses entered at the wrong place, or having configured external non-OpenDNS resolver addresses on end user devices..

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    Alexander Harrison


    This appears that the issue may be that the router you had configured for OpenDNS was removed when the new CenturyLink router was added. The solution is likely that the new CenturyLink router needs to be configured for OpenDNS. To do so, please visit to configure your new router. Many CenturyLink routers will have two places that can have DNS entries added, please only add it into the DHCP one and not the WAN one (please submit screenshots to your support ticket if you are unsure). 

    Best regards,

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