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    You're using OpenDNS, because someone having access to your computer or your router configured the OpenDNS resolver addresses on at least one of these devices. You had to talk to this person to get it off, or do it yourself.

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    I am the Administrator for this account. I repeat:  I did not ask for this service.  How do I remove it?


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    "I am the Administrator for this account."

    Then you have a severe security problem, because someone else must have had access to your computer or your router who was able to configure OpenDNS.

    "How do I remove it?"

    Didn't I link to the thread explaining how to remove it?  Do I need to copy & paste everything to here for you?

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    Kristy Patullo

    If you are experiencing content filtering from OpenDNS it means our DNS servers are configured on your network. To stop using OpenDNS you need to remove our DNS settings from your network.

    For more information please see:

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