Why openDNS cannot block android games?



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    It may be that the apps use different domains than the normal domains being used for hosting webpages.  Check your stats at https://dashboard.opendns.com/stats/all/start/ to find them out, and add them to your "always block" list.

    "Why openDNS cannot block android games?"

    OpenDNS can block access to Android games as long as they are using DNS at all.  It they don't use DNS, but e.g. IP addresses, then OpenDNS is of course out of the game.

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    I love this answer. I blocked games, but sadly it also blocked Words With Friends that the wife plays on her phone. She tends to go over her data plan so uses WiFi in the house. The above suggestion allowed me to see the domain api.zynga.com that was getting blocked. Once white listed, the wife can now play. My concern is that Zynga has many games, and that eventually son will figure out the domain is clear, and just play those games. Maybe he could play mom in Words?

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    The solution is easy: configure another (non-OpenDNS) DNS service on your wife's phone, so she is not bound to the restrictions of your OpenDNS settings.

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