Have Linux laptop automatically synced with whichever network I'm on



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    Chris Frost

    We do have the Roaming Client, which proxies your traffic to our servers from whatever network you're on. However, the Roaming Client is only compatible with Windows and OS X computers. Unfortunately, at this time we do not offer anything to proxy traffic from Linux based computers. 

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    Your best bet is to run a VPN server in your home network (which is to use OpenDNS all the time) and connect with a VPN client on your Linux laptop to your home network's VPN server.  All your traffic is then encrypted and runs through your home network, so uses OpenDNS as if you were at home.

    This saves you a lot of difficult efforts, especially "to always get my laptop automatically synced with OpenDNS, for the purpose of Web Filtering" and also "a script that will change the host information depending on where you are at".

    What's about this?

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