Blocked requests in statistics/Blocked streaming sites



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    "how do I distinguish the real requests from the automatically generated requests?"

    You cannot.  Unless you run a sniffer on the computer to see in more detail what DNS queries are raised.

    "And how would I get rid of the automatic ones?"

    You can significantly reduce them by disabling DNS prefetching in the browsers and by uninstalling or deactivating networking applications and apps (such like for Bittorrent and Skype) where you have the related domains blocked.  These applications tend to raise DNS queries again and again until they got success in connecting to their "homes".

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    OK.  No idea how to do the above, but thanks for the info.


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    "No idea how to do the above"

    Quite simple, you search for it in the internet and follow the instructions found there, e.g. for disabling DNS prefetching in browsers.

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