Logging Status for all incoming and outgoing traffic in the network



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    "Please help to show all incoming and outgoing traffic for my entire network"

    A DNS service cannot show "all incoming and outgoing traffic" ever, because you do not send this information to them.  You only can send your DNS traffic to them which is then logged.

    "it always shows my PC's Requests alone. Not showing other's requests."

    How can you know?

    Well, if you have configured the OpenDNS resolver addresses on your PC only, then only your PC uses OpenDNS, so OpenDNS can show only the DNS traffic for this PC.  If you have configured the OpenDNS resolver addresses on the router, then the OpenDNS stats should show DNS traffic for your whole network in case the other devices use the router's DNS configuration and do not have their own non-OpenDNS DNS service configured.

    Visit http://welcome.opendns.com/ on the other devices to see if they really use OpenDNS.

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    Chris Frost

    I would verify that you are using OpenDNS on all of devices by visiting http://welcome.opendns.com/. Also, please note that our resolvers can only see requests made from your network, and are unable to determine which specific device made the request. 

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