One of our laptops seems to be taken over by dllhost malware



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    Kristy Patullo

    The OpenDNS service can only block domains, I recommend checking your stats to see if there is an excess of requests for a certain domain that this file may be utilizing and adding that domain to your block list.  If this .exe is using a method other than DNS to connected to the internet you won't be able to block it using our service.


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    This dllhost.exe is run by the Windows service COMSysApp.  I could not see that this accesses the internet at all.  Check the Windows event logs (eventvwr.exe) to find related messages why the dllhost.exe is started multiple times.  Try also with stopping the COMSysApp service to see if this helps.  Ensure that the dllhost.exe is the genuine Microsoft component and loaded from %windir%\system32 (or equivalent on 64-bit systems).

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