What is pipe.skype.com? OpenDNS is logging access to this


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    "I posted this to the Skype forum but never did get a response."

    Is it this?  http://community.skype.com/t5/Windows-desktop-client/What-is-pipe-skype-com/td-p/3686351

    "My question is around pipe.skype.com. Is this the peer-to-peer connection for audio/video?
    I have never used Skype so I have no idea how it works behind the scenes.

    I'm in the same situation, but no matter, all DNS lookups you see in your stats do come out of your network, and most not due to having been actively visited, but automatically generated by networking applications, be it on the router, any computer, mobile devices ("apps"), DVRs, NASs, IPTV boxes, or any other devices.  These lookups can also be generated because of some sites may load content from these domains, for e.g. advertisement purposes or whatever, or because you have DNS prefetching enabled in browsers by default which causes browsers to generate a lookup for every URL found in any web page.

    You may want to install a sniffer on specific devices to see if these raise DNS lookups for Skype related domains.  You may also add those domains to your "always block" list to see if some application "complaints".

    "My router is also secure so I doubt anyone is leeching off my internet."

    Also, is your WLAN protected so that nobody else can use it unauthorized?

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