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    Alexander Harrison

    To help out with this error, we'd need your current IP address. For privacy, please submit a new support request from (submit a new request) or to

    Next, post here to let me know this is done so that I can address the error which needs to be done from our end. See for more information. 

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    I got this msg from ODNS updater: Your IP address is taken by another user. Learn more at

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    What did I do?  spent hours by myself trying to solve it and nothing. I restarted the modem of my internet supplier. I downloaded a new OpenDNS updater. I cleaned up the cache, the tmp files, the history and cookies of my browwer, checked sharing conifg weer off. etc. updated my infos inthe OpDNS account and cheched things there. I restarted the computer and the modem again. ... and I still get the msg!!! ... going bananas... how can I sort it out? Pls help me! 


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    The message means exactly what it says. Your IP address is taken by another OpenDNS user.

    To resolve this do what Alexander said in his reply to the original poster. Was there something about his reply in this thread that you didn't understand? Or did you not read the content in thread?

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    OpenDNS Updater is displaying this message:
    > Your IP address is taken by another user.
    > Learn more at

    That URL redirects me (and redirected betty-boop) to a pretty useless page, rather than helping us learn more about what "IP taken" means.
    So I have a request of OpenDNS.  To help all your users: change where that URL redirects to:  to a page that actually explains the error message.  The one that comes up now is and that page doesn't even have the word "taken" on it, and doesn't explain the "IP taken" error message at all.  I understand the  "IP taken" issue and it seems would be a good page to redirect folks to when they navigate to .  Please make it so, for all your users. 

    I've contacted support ( to help with my IP taken issue.

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    Did you really expect that links are still accurate after four years?  Are you pretty new to the internet?  (The Updater may even be older than four years and hasn't been updated since then.)

    "So I have a request of OpenDNS."

    That's fine, but why do you post this here?  It will most likely not been seen by staff.  You'll find almost other users like you in this community forum.  If you want to talk to staff, you raise a support ticket, link "Submit a request" above, as you have done.  They may implement a redirection from the old link to a relevant article then.

    And yes, the correct link at this time is
    It may no longer be valid after four years though...

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