Does openDNS have a list of blocked domains?



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    OpenDNS do not block anything beside Phishing and Malware sites by default.  Every other blocking is determined by your dashboard settings, so a general "list of blocked domains" does not make sense.

    "I was unable to give him access to it until I removed openDNS as my DNS server."

    Not sure what this could mean.  OpenDNS content filtering has effect on outgoing traffic from your client device only, not on incoming traffic.  It seems your problem is totally unrelated to OpenDNS.  Can you provide a screen shot or more explicit information about this issue?

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    Thank you for the prompt response. I did not truly think blocking was the issue but needed to confirm. As it turned out, it was an incoming port problem caused by me overlooking a simple forwarding issue at the local router. My troubleshooting was not as good as it could have been, as you likely can tell.

    Thank you, again, for the response. I plan to return my routers to the openDNS servers at the first opportunity. I really appreciate consistent service such as openDNS provides.

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