Opendns set but not blocking



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    "I changed my Lynksys WRT4G4S wireless to"

    Are you sure that the model WRT4G4S even exists at all?  Whatever, you definitely did it wrong!

    Linksys routers normally have three DNS fields.  Fill them all with three of the following OpenDNS resolver addresses: 

    Do not change any other fields!

    "If I type in ipconfig in command I get and default gateway"

    It seems you also changed other fields, not just DNS fields...  :(

    When you will have corrected this, test again:

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    Thanks rotblitz! Oppps WRT54GS.  I put it in local IP address not the three static DNSs. Should I put it in the 4th field, WINS? Ok, will try and check back.

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    "Oppps WRT54GS."

    What version?

    "I put it in local IP address not the three static DNSs."

    Oops, fatal !!!  Where did you get such stupid instructions from?

    "Should I put it in the 4th field, WINS?"

    I hate to repeat me, these are the three DNS fields to be filled, nothing else, under no circumstances.

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    Alexander Harrison

    You should select the router that looks the closest to yours from (most likely the one at and include all three IPs shown there for configuring OpenDNS. 

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    Ok guys, got it working! It wasn't clear from the instructions above to put the IPs in the DNS field. Like I said, I'm a novice at this and I don't totally understand how all of this works. Anyway, now my teenage boys can't get pages like gagreport on their computers or iphones. Next, setting up parental controls with Sprint. Thanks for the help!

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