Issues with gmail, google images, and kidzsearch



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    I can't address the Gmail issue since I don't use Family Shield and I don't use gmail in a web browser.

    As for Google images is your issue that it's displaying things it shouldn't display, or that it's not displaying things that it should display?

    Are you saying that kidzsearch works properly and OpenDNS should emulate what they are doing with their Family Shield product, or are you saying that Family Search is somehow breaking kidzsearch?

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    Thanks for your help.  As far as Google images, it seems to be displaying too few images.


    As far as, OpwnDNS is breaking kidzsearch.  When searching images on kidzsearch from a different router, the images load fine, but when using OpenDNS, they are all greyed out.


    Please let me know what you think.

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    I can't remember if Family Shield let's you setup white lists, but I've got a dim memory that if you setup a free OpenDNS account you can supplement Family Shield by blocking additional categories and adding to the blacklist. Basically from what I remember you can make Family Shield more respective with an account, but not lessen anything it blocks.

    I'd consider setting up an account, blocking all of the categories that Family Shield blocks, then switch over to the regular OpenDNS servers. That way you could at least test which categories are causing the problems for you or seeing what happens if you whitelist various domains, such as kidzsearch or maybe even google.

    You could do it for test purposes, or decide that it's just better and easier and stay with the regular service.

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    "Gmail loads but most of the buttons/features are invisible"

    It may well be that the domains where the buttons and features are hosted on have been added to one of the adult categories recently.  Can you post a screen shot about this?

    "Google images only loads about the first 10 pictures, and the rest are greyed out."

    The same case as I said before.  Embedded pictures are displayed, whereas others hosted on different domains may be blocked.  Right-click a blocked picture to see its properties and what domain it is hosted on.

    "When using as a safe alternate search engine for safe images, none of the images load."

    Yes, confirmed, even with other DNS services, different from OpenDNS.  I did some image searches, and no images appeared...
    So, that's "normal" and unrelated to OpenDNS.

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