OpenDNS + dns-o-matic + Multiple WANs



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    An update client must run at each location, each updating its specific OpenDNS network by sending the update requests to DNS-O-Matic with the related label (hostname).  The update clients are the components to "collect" the IP address for their network in question.

    However, not sure why you would like to use DNS-O-Matic in this context.  You could send the updates directly to OpenDNS.  DNS-O-Matic is rather for scenarios where multiple DDNS hostnames are to be updated with the same IP address (one location).

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    I thought I have to use dns-o-matic for the IP update to OpenDNS.

    How can I configure the updates directly? I couldn´t find a manual

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    rotblitz, I found the manual, but still it does not work properly.


    I am using a Fritzbox 7490 and entered the following information:

    Update URL:<ipaddress>
    Domain Name: opendns
    User Name:
    Password: xxx

    Do you have an idea?

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    rotblitz (Edited )

    Sure,  OpenDNS supports HTTPS only, not HTTP.<ipaddr>

    Domain name: a real DDNS hostname from any DDNS service, because this is what is being checked by FRITZ!OS before and after the update.  You must also update this hostname, else the FRITZ!Box will draw error messages.  (For me a DDNS hostname from works well for this purpose.)

    This again (because you have to update two services, OpenDNS and another) leads to the idea to use DNS-O-Matic nevertheless for exactly this purpose.  You configure the two services there.  Also here HTTPS is supported:<ipaddr>

    (You do not need to specify a hostname in the update URL.  Also, if you use DuckDNS, you just have to specify your user name (the part before in the DNS-O-Matic service configuration, not the FQDN.  In the FRITZ!Box you specify the FQDN though.)

    Coming back to your original question about different locations:
    It looks like you need two OpenDNS/DNS-O-Matic accounts, and also two DDNS hostnames, one for each location, so that every location works independently without interfering with the other.

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    Hi rotblitz,

    thanks a lot! I managed to get everything into one opendns account:

    fritzbox1 -> dns-o-matic (label site 1) = updates site 1

    fritzbox2 -> opendns (label site 2) = updates site 2


    In order to avoid the error you mentioned, I created dyndns accounts, which are updated via my synology systems.

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    Oops, Dyn is just far too expensive!  You can get even more for free at other DDNS services. But it's up to you.
    And my brother in law has two Synology NASes too, and I know that they can update many DDNS services, even DNS-O-Matic.

    Besides this, your new setup should work fine.

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    I thought again about what you have configured, and you still may see errors in the FRITZ!Box log.  This is because the Box knows about IP address changes in real-time and performs the update in real-time, whereas the NASes check for IP address changes only every 5 or 10 minutes (according to the DDNS APIs).  Therefore the updates will be almost out of sync, causing the FRITZ!Box to raise errors.

    Your options here are:

    1. Ignore the errors.  OpenDNS will most likely be updated nevertheless.
    2. Sync the updates while pushing all from the FRITZ!Boxes through DNS-O-Matic.  As I said, you'll need two OpenDNS/DNS-O-Matic accounts for this and also two different DDNS hostnames, i.e. one set of stuff for each location.

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