How do I track the browsing activity of my kids?



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    The updater client should only be running on a single device on a given network, and preferably not on a mobile device, meaning not a laptop. The best option is a router if the firmware supports it, otherwise it would be a single PC. That does mean that when those mobile devices leave the network and go somewhere else they'd no longer be protected by your OpenDNS settings, but that's the way the free service works. You might think it's smart to have the updater on a mobile device so that it's protected wherever it goes but 1) your home network would no longer be protected if that updater changed the IP address for your network 2) you'd effectively be trying to claim someone else's network as your own, which at a minimum is quite rude.

    OpenDNS' Umbrella Prosumer service works a little differently, and could be used to protect all mobile devices regardless of where they are so that would be a good option.

    That said, OpenDNS cannot be used in any way, shape, or form to monitor browser or any other kind of internet activity. At it's core it's still a DNS service, so the only time it get's involved in your activity, and logs that activity, is when a DNS lookup is needed. If a device already has the lookup cached somewhere, or is using another DNS service for some reason then OpenDNS will have no record of that activity. Besides which, after the DNS lookup is done, OpenDNS (and any other DNS service) has no way of knowing which pages were visited since DNS does not care about content, web pages, URL's or anything but domains.

    If you want to monitor all internet activity that needs to happen at your router/firewall, or perhaps some other internet service that somehow monitored and logged a devices activity.

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    In brief:

    "How do I track the browsing activity of my kids?"

    Your question already contains the answer: the browser's history contains everything you want.
    And there may be other software available from somewhere you need to install locally to collect such information.

    DNS (i.e. OpenDNS) is merely unrelated to browsing the web, so you're simply wrong here for what you want to achieve.  But OpenDNS is a very good DNS service to provide you insight into your network's DNS activity.

    "They each have the open dns updater client on their respective laptops."

    As the name says, this is only to keep your IP address information updated at
    Nothing else is involved or included, no filtering, no logging, nothing.

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    Alexander Harrison

    The Updater client itself serves only one purpose - the keep the IP on your OpenDNS settings up to date. If you're looking to individually log multiple computers, this wouldn't be possible with the updater client or OpenDNS Home Basic, and you'd need an Umbrella Prosumer subscription to install the Roaming Client on each computer you'd like to keep track of. To purchase Umbrella Prosumer, please visit, scroll down and look for "Want a package for 1 to 5 Users?" and click "Show More". 

    Since we're a DNS-based service, the stats will show every single DNS request made, whether it by by a program on the computer or them visiting a website. With Prosumer, you'd be able to see each one labeled with the computer that made the request along with the time it was made; however, per-computer is only possible with the Roaming Client installed on the computer and the Roaming Client is available on a Prosumer subscription. 

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