I am trying restrict access to pornographic webites.



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    As you're posting in the Netgear Live Parental Controls section, do you have a Netgear router with OpenDNS' LPC enabled? Or are you attempting to use the normal OpenDNS home version with content filtering?

    No matter what, what instructions have you followed to set it up? (E.g. post a URL to the page where the instructions are.)

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    I am wandering through your website trying to figure out what I have done wrong to establish my account and start using it.  I landed on the Netgear section only because it seemed to be the most applicable to my issue.  I am using a Motorola modem and have been paying since July 8.  I started on the setup page https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings/1402381/content_filtering, and selected apply.  I seem to have an IP in use by another user.  Point me to the "I have no idea what I am doing, just want to protect my kids from harmful internet stuff" on your site and I will start over.

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    "I am wandering through your website"

    I doubt that you're doing this. You don't even know what my websites are...
    I'm not OpenDNS staff, but an OpenDNS user like you...

    "I landed on the Netgear section only because it seemed to be the most applicable to my issue."

    No, it isn't, but no worries. The mods may move it to "Community Help" or "Troubleshoot and Support section".

    "I am using a Motorola modem"

    Did you configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses on it? http://welcome.opendns.com/

    "have been paying since July 8."

    That said, you have subscribed to OpenDNS Home VIP, right?

    "I started on the setup page https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings/1402381/content_filtering, and selected apply."

    This was clearly the wrong starting point. You must start here: https://store.opendns.com/setup/device/motorola

    "I seem to have an IP in use by another user."

    This can rarely happen when adding the network or updating its IP address information at https://dashboard.opendns.com/settings/
    Then read http://www.opendns.com/support/article/83 - "Network Already Exists / IP Address Taken by Another User / !Yours"

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    Dominic Bannister


    Looking at your account, I agree with rotblitz, this is not the correct forum. I suggest you download the  Updater Client. This will ensure that your selected network settings are applied to the proper network and that your network statistics are accurate, even when your network's IP address changes: <http://www.opendns.com/support/dynamic_ip_downloads/>.

    Also, I looked at your current connecting IP address and it is not registered in our system. 



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    I turned on my parental controls to the very highest and it doesn't seem to block what it should please help

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    Post the complete plain text output of the following command here:

    nslookup -type=txt debug.opendns.com.

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    I agree with several other posts.  Successful setup of the free home version.  Checked off a zillion categories of objectionable content to protect my kiddos, and I am still able to google a simple three letter word that ends in 'x', and a boatload of inappropriate stuff comes back.  I even waited the three minutes to let it push the new settings.  What are we all missing?

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    Simple.  You missed to block Google or the category Search Engines.  Wasn't this evident?
    It's shown on Google, so you must block Google.  Or you use Google's SafeSearch feature to possibly filter unwanted content.

    "a simple three letter word that ends in 'x'"

    Aha, 'fox', yes, this can be embarassing...
    Somethjng different?  Well, you wouldn't live if that didn't exist...

    "and a boatload of inappropriate stuff comes back."

    But if you click a link, it's blocked, isn't it?  If not, you forgot to flush your caches, and then it really comes back out of your caches if you visited such stuff before...

    "I even waited the three minutes to let it push the new settings."

    And you must flush your local caches too, else you have to wait for days or weeks

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    For all of you who are having trouble blocking unwanted material.   https:/www.Google.com overrides almost all filtering systems.   If you block Google.com and encrypted.google.com and use a different search engine such as bing.com you will find that most of the material is blocked

    If your children are determined or imaginative it gets more challenging.    Each country has its own google URL such as Google.au and Google.co.au, both for Austrailia. and even the ones in other languages sill bring back English content if you use and English word. 

    Also, Google Chrome and Firefox override most blocks rendering them useless, just installing them on your computer disables the blocks and it takes a computer tech clean up the mess they leave behind.  They have their own parental controls that can be overridden with just a couple clicks.   Internet Explorer seems to be the safest internet program.

    For added protection, I use Mobicip on our devices, its cheap, generally reliable, can be customized for each user and more flexible than OPEN DNS.  I still have Open DNS for devices like the xbox and the adult computer.

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    "https:/www.Google.com overrides almost all filtering systems."

    This is not true.  You're doing something wrong.

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    Brian Hartvigsen

    cbarbosa - If you are seeing that Chrome, Firefox, etc are not working as expected you should open a ticket.  All browsers should work correctly with OpenDNS as we work at the DNS level way below where the browser operates.

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