Can I see how late at night my kids are on the network?



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    Did you configure the right time zone at ?

    Beside this, the OpenDNS stats are not about your kids or anybody else on the network, i.e. not about human activity via web browsers and such, but about the DNS lookups out of your network by networking applications. So if any devices (inc router) are switched on, they may raise DNS lookups at any time.

    "Is there an easy way to do this?"

    Sure. Look into their rooms or install cameras there...
    Your router may have logging capabilities too to show what devices have accessed the router (and the internet) at what time.

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    "today it shows nothing for that time frame."

    Stats are not real-time, but take some 1-3 hours to appear.

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    Dominic Bannister


    Our service will not provide you with enough detail/data to determine how long your kids are on the network. I suggest you look through the router's manual for  network usage logs. Also, your account has multiple services, the NETGEAR LPC service (which does not provide stats) and the OpenDNS VIP (which provides the following stats I advise you to open a support ticket and we can help you device which service to use. 


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