Parental controls on single device?


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    You configure the OpenDNS resolver addresses only on the device you want to use OpenDNS with, and you disable LPC on the router, but use the normal OpenDNS dashboard ( instead.  This is equivalent to "I just want to restrict a single static internal IP".

    "Is this possible with LPC?"

    You had to use LPC with very restrictive default settings, and others had to use a bypass account, requiring the User Utility or Netgear Genie to be installed on the devices.

    "If not is there another product (at router level) that has this functionality?"

    Yes, but not on your router.  You had to get a very sophisticated router where you can configure to route all DNS queries from a certain internal device (IP address) to OpenDNS, e.g. with the iptables command.


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