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    You download and install the User Utility to login to a bypass account.

    Mac OSX:

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    Hello, I am having this problem too.  I DID download the utility.  However, under Start > All Programs > Netgear Live Parental Controls, there is only ONE option - Management Utility.  User Utility does NOT appear.


    Without this option for User Utility, I don't know how to login using my bypass account.  Please help.  Phone calls and chats have not helped.

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    Dominic Bannister



    I recommend that you use the NETGEAR genie app instead. You can download it at After installing the NETGEAR genie app, click on the Parental Controls section to login and bypass the filtering settings.


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    Im an going through this now and there is a flaw that Netgear put their hands up to.

    To access the bypass account the software must query the router

    to Query the router you must provide the username and password to the router.

    Fist flaw: this now means that the user can change router settings!!!

    Next you must click on Parental control.

    To access this stage you must log in to OpenDNS and setup / confirm the filter as though its the first time setup (every time you start your computer)

    Now you are logged in to OpenDNS.

    the screen where you have the Bypass login, you also have DISABLE LPC !!!!

    DISABLE does not need a log in as you gave that in the step before.

    If that was not enough, there is also a change custom settings buttion that also does not need another login.

    SO the child that was looking for the bypass login for some free time after school, now has access to the router and OpenDNS admin rights.

    One door is locked, but there are no walls or windows, so everyone now can just walk around.

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    the issue is that you can not have a user utility built in to a management utility where to access the user options you first go through all the management options.


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    I added this comment to another post, but adding it here, as well, to hopefully help other people:

    Yes - I found this SO incredibly frustrating and spent hours on the phone and chat to explain to support that there is NO user utility, like their instructions say.  With no user utility, there was no way to login to the bypass accounts.

    I figured it out, though.  This is the WRONG place to look:  Programs > Netgear Live Parental Controls >  Management utility.  As you know, User Utility is NOT there (although the instructions say it is there).

    I believe when you download the program, a Green Genie icon is put on your desktop.  You have to get this green genie icon and find it.  On my computer, this is where it is: C:\Program Files\NETGEAR Genie\bin\NETGEARGenie.exe.  You will not be successful unless you open this icon.

    Open the Genie and on the left it says "Parental Controls."

    Then it asks for router login.  Fill in the info.  It seems like you have to enter passwords and reenter them a lot.

    Then you are on a Parental Controls screen.  Although you have already set it up, press Next.

    Then you have to sign into your OpenDNS account.

    Then it asks you to choose your filtering level (although you already did this, but you have to choose a level anyhow)

    THEN you get to a screen that shows your bypass login and allows you to change the bypass account.

    If you created a bypass account for someone on another computer or device, you have to install the Netgear Genie on their device.

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    Hi Risabb

    On my router and Genie at least.

    your steps tell you how to create and access the Bypass login

    The problem is, that on the same screen you can also change the custom settings with no further login.

    So a child faced with a choice of using the bypass or going to custom settings and changing the filters and times...

    I know what my child would do.


    And ive just noticed that if you help you child by logging in to be able to access the Bypass login, they can just press the button to Disable everything.

    There does seem to be a time out on this button, but its not good if you just logged in and the Change custom settings has no Time out.


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    Hi Tklondon,

    From my understanding of Live Parental Controls (LPS), the bypass account is for the Parent, NOT the child, so I don't see any reason why a child should have any access to any admin or router settings.  I set the default setting to moderate and put in time limits, and if my husband and I want to access websites that are blocked or use it during a time that is blocked, then I'll use the bypass account.


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    The computer that your child wants to use, must have genie running on it.

    Genie gives admin rights to the router and OpenDNS.

    So you must be there to grant access and once you have done that then you must hope your child does not disable LPC or change the custom settings.

    you are not giving the bypass key, you are giving the master key.

    Also if you watch the youtube video from Netgear on this topic, then you see that Lucy logs in via a USER UTILITY not the management utility.

    This is the part that has been taken away and the problem.

    YOu may as well put a post it note on the computer with a list of sites not to visit as its just as useful.

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    I haven't encountered that problem.  Either because I don't understand what you mean by, "The computer that your child wants to use, must have genie running on it" or because my kids do not use my computer.  They get on the internet with their phones or ipod.  I didn't set up a genie on my 15 year old son's phone, but I blocked every type of website after midnight, and it locks him out.

    I don't understand why that User Utility is gone when it seems so critical to have.



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    "the bypass account is for the Parent, NOT the child, so I don't see any reason why a child should have any access to any admin or router settings."

    Excellent point, spot on!  This makes sense and must be it!  Also the other things you said.

    "The computer that your child wants to use, must have genie running on it."

    No, why?  Risa is absolutely right.  All devices connected to your Netgear router with LPC enabled are served by OpenDNS and your settings all the time.

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    I was going to leave this and then thought that others will follow me here and should know they are not going mad.

    I am here because of information promoted by Netgear on how, why, when and who used a bypass account. This is not an opinion by a statement of fact backed up by a video with clear usage.


    as to the two points raised.

    Bypass accounts is for the user:

    The Netgear Video shows Lucy (child) logging in to the by pass account from her computer. I come to this conclusion because the naration says "when Lucy logs in from HER computer" and the video shows her logging into the Bypass account using the infamous User utility.

    There is also screen shots of Genie and it does not have a Bypass login option.

    The video goes on to show the parent on the other side of the globe changing custom settings and then Lucy logs into HER computer and has access.

    So for who Netgear advertise should log in to the bypass account ? answer the person needing Bypass. This is done without access to the management software.

    Further more, if the bypass account is for the parent, then now they need to login to the router, login to OpenDNS and also login to Bypass. If you already logged into OpenDNS, there is a button to change custom settings , so no need to log in again.


    Next  concern raised:

    Do you need to install Genie on every device that wants to access the Bypass function?

    Instructions from Netgear :"Each user who wants to bypass your default settings must be logged in as the bypass account through NETGEAR genie while browsing the Web. You may install this on multiple devices (Windows, Mac, or mobile NETGEAR Genie for iPhone/iPad and Android devices)."

    As in the last example,the parent could be elsewhere in the world and logs in, but Lucy will not access that computer, but the one at home where she is now. If the mother was there to log in for Lucy, then the Mother could also change the settings without the Father. Im sure its not just for the men.

     As stated before, removal of the user utility has caused this problem and the user utility is still shown by Netgear. I and others have watched the promotional video and seen a clear role play where the Child has their own log in on their own computer while management remains with the Parent (Mother and or Father) even if they are in another country.


    I hope this helps explain why I find myself here and why its not a misunderstanding, but a misrepresentation.






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    Yes - you are right.  It IS a misrepresentation with instructions for a utility that does not exist.  It's maddening.  I remember that Lucy video.  You're right - the video gives kids a bypass account.

    I think to be successful, you have to forget about giving your kids bypass access.  Make the strictest setting the default settings and only the adults have a bypass account.

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    Yes, Netgear documentation is pretty behind what is possible.  Some place still talk about the deprecated Management Utility and User Utility.  It's really a shame that they are not able to keep there documentation up to date.

    "The video goes on to show the parent on the other side of the globe changing custom settings and then Lucy logs into HER computer and has access."

    Yeah, this is nonsense.  A parent doesn't need to login to a bypass account from outside the home network, because (s)he doesn't use their Netgear LPC at all.  If they want to manage their settings, including the bypass account, they do this online via - or isn't this possible?

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    I must be missing something here.  I simply want to stop my daughter or my son accessing the internet when I choose.  Filters are pointless and you spend all your time working around them.   We live in a world of trust and verify.  This application is complicated and useless.  I have a busy life and don't have time to deal with the latest Silicon Valley progamer's view of the world....they don't  get it!  I am smart and can't figure this out.  Time for a new vendor to step in and make this easy and comprehendible..

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    You may not have become aware that Netgear improved their documentation since then. This thread is nearly a year old. 

    This should be easy enough to set up.


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