Bypass account isn't working



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    You'll have to refer to Netgear support.  The Genie app is not from OpenDNS, nor is your USB3 replicator.

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    its not clear what you are doing, but I wonder if you gave a clue in your last sentence. If you reboot your computer you don't know what bypass account is being used.

    This makes me think you are expecting the bypass account to stay active even if the computer is rebooted.

    The bypass account you will be using is the one you log into on the computer you are using.

    Now this part is a guess: I am wondering if you log into the bypass account while in Wifi and then your port replicator connects with Ethernet. Your wifi card mac address and IP address is different from your Ethernet, so if you was logged in to the bypass account then now Genie will see you as a different device and no longer have access.

    If this sound logical, then all you need to do is connect to the lan with your Ethernet , access your bepass login and then login.

    If you reboot your computer, then you may need to log in again as you may have a new IP address.

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