When I tried to figure out how to avoid the web site blocking feature that open fns offers in order to stop others from avoiding it, I discovered that you can easily avoid it by typing in the IP address of the blocked site. How can I stop people from acc


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    Yes, OpenDNS blocks based on DNS, as the name says.  Entering an IP address doesn't use DNS, therefore nothing goes to OpenDNS enabling them to block it.  That said, you can't do it with OpenDNS or any other DNS based service.

    "you can easily avoid it by typing in the IP address of the blocked site."

    Is it really easy?  I think it's not easy and not fun and not with much success.  Would you have concrete examples of usage?  Most websites work with virtual hosting today where entering the IP address doesn't present it, or webmasters prevent visitors from using their site by IP address but redirect them to the URL with domain.

    "How can I stop people from acc"

    You'll block this by a local service (router, browser, ideally a kind of proxy server, etc.).  Check your Netgear R6200 user manual for such a feature.  This can be blocking IP addresses and ranges, or blocking keywords in URLs, e.g. IP addresses with a regular expression.

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